After going through a distant voyage of dreams, we finally decided to focus on one big ideal. Though walking along the road not taken, we never go lame. Airbrush is now nothing but a little child, but soon will become a sound young man with optimistic attitude. We’ve got enough time to let him radiate the heat of youthfulness. Let’s make it begin. Positive Mind. 
The design works of Airbrush is for outdoor sports, mainly inspired by Street. Whether you are now walking in the Arctic snowstorm, or laying back on the beach of the equator, our entertaining design works will be there for you.
Thach Nguyen follows clean and pure state of mind, tries to accept everything positively as well. We’re putting our positive idea into everywhere there are extreme sports, music, and public art. To make it happen, we support many young riders and artists. We share their permanent energy, at the same time spreading their creative minds and actions.
Favor is another way to express ourselves.
We will put forth many creative ideas under the name of Wolfpack !